One of the most critical aspects of maintaining a horse arena is grading it regularly. Grading is the process of leveling the arena surface, getting rid of uneven spots, and ensuring that the footing is consistent and safe for both horses and riders. However, grading an arena can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the right equipment. 

Box Scrapers

Box scrapers are commonly used to level the loose footing in horse arenas. They are designed with a retractable blade that you can adjust to different depths, allowing you to remove high spots and fill low spots. Box scrapers come in various sizes, and they work best in arenas with loose soil or sand. If you have a compacted arena, consider using other forms of grading equipment.


Graders, also known as land levelers, are excellent for grading large arenas. They come with a long, straight blade that can smooth rough terrain, cut through hard-packed soil or grass, and level the riding surface in one pass. Graders work best in arenas with a large surface area, and they require a powerful tractor to pull them.

Drag Harrows

Drag harrows are horse arena grading equipment that helps improve the surface texture of an arena. They consist of tines or teeth that scratch the surface of the arena, thus facilitating the distribution of the footing material and creating a smooth and even surface. Drag harrows come in various sizes and shapes, and they are suitable for all types of arenas.

Box Blade

The box blade is another grading tool that is widely used in horse arenas. It consists of a long blade that is mounted on the back of a tractor and two side plates that help contain the excavated soil. Box blades are ideal for creating a consistent and level riding surface, and they are also useful in preparing the arena for new footing material.

Laser Grading Equipment

Laser grading equipment is a precise way of grading a horse arena. It uses a laser transmitter mounted on a tripod to level the arena surface. The laser receiver mounted on the grading equipment receives the signals from the laser transmitter and adjusts the blade accordingly. Laser grading is the most precise form of arena grading, and it's ideal for arenas used for competition or training.

Maintaining a horse arena requires regular and meticulous grading. Having the right horse arena grading equipment can simplify the process. Box scrapers, graders, drag harrows, box blades, and laser grading equipment are just some examples of the available options. By identifying the type of horse arena and the specific needs of your situation, you can choose the best grading equipment that meets your criteria and gives you long-lasting results. 

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