When you haul loads on a flatbed truck regularly, the tarps you use can become worn out and frayed fairly quickly. While you know you need to replace them, you may feel that the ones you are currently using are not serving your needs and are often too small for the loads.

Because of this, you may have decided to have them custom-made to fit the sizes of your flatbed and the loads you usually haul. When faced with the decision, you may have found that there are several different types and thicknesses of materials to choose from. If so, ask yourself a couple of questions about usage when deciding on a material for the custom-fitted tarp for loads on your flatbed truck.

1. What Types Of Materials Do You Haul, And In What Weather Conditions Do You Typically Drive?

One set of questions you should ask yourself has to do with the materials and environment the tarp will be subjected to. Think about what types of materials you usually haul, such as rolls of steel, lumber, or machinery. Also, consider the types of weather conditions you typically drive in when you need to haul a load.

Both of these questions will help you determine the type of material for the tarp. For example, if you haul machinery in dry weather, a thick canvas tarp will usually do the job. However, if you haul lumber or steel in wet conditions, a waterproof tarp made from vinyl or PVC-coated polyester would work better.

2. Are Your Loads Typically Have A Uniform Shape Or Do You Often Haul Irregular Shapes and Sizes?

Another question you should ask yourself has to do with the shapes and sizes of the loads themselves. Do they usually have a uniform shape, or do you often have to haul irregular shapes and sizes?

If your loads are always the same, uniform shape, the tarp can be made from a thinner material suitable for the type of load. However, if irregular loads are the norm, you need to have a thicker tarp that can withstand being pushed on by pointed edges and can handle shifts in weight.

After taking time to consider the types of materials you usually haul on your flatbed truck, in what weather conditions you drive, and the typical shapes and sizes of the loads, you can decide whether you need vinyl, canvas, or PVC-coated polyester. If you work with different types of loads, you may decide that you need to order more than one. Once you are ready to place an order, contact a supply company that offers custom-fitted truck tarps to speak with a representative to discuss your needs.

For more information on custom-fitted tarps, contact a company near you.