Sustainable living is vital to many people. By becoming sustainable you can provide your own food and many of your own home products. This allows you to rest easy during times of food shortages. One way to build up your sustainability efforts is to build a backyard greenhouse. You may also want to consider upgrades that benefit your plans. Here are some of those greenhouse upgrades and how they can help your sustainability plan.


Having larger harvests from your backyard greenhouse is usually the end goal. You want to have as much food as possible to store in case of emergency. You may also want to have enough to harvest and can or preserve while still having enough to eat currently. One way you can do this is to upgrade to a hydroponic greenhouse. Hydroponics can be put in various designs to help utilize more space than traditional crops. This means an increased harvest and a method to grow year-round.

Wall Units

Growing vertically is something many gardeners are using. When you are growing with traditional plans, you actually avoid using a lot of space. The wall space alone can provide the ideal spot for vining plants. For example, you can use the wall space to grow your beans as well as other plants like tomatoes. If you use hydroponics as well, you can help provide a drip irrigation system for the wall units. Keep in mind that you want to use as much of your greenhouse space as possible if sustainability is your goal. 

Potting Area

You may not think about the potting area when you have sustainability and large harvests in mind. Potting areas should be part of your backyard greenhouse plan. The potting area should be close to your current crops. This is because some of the plants will need to be replanted as they grow. This will also give them more space to grow or space to house more than one seed in an area. Having a walk-in area to the greenhouse that includes an area to store boots and other items as well as the potting area can make a world of difference. 

Visit your local home and garden center for ideas regarding backyard greenhouses. They can show you what options they have available. They can also show you the equipment you need for any upgrades you plan. If you have any questions about installation or materials, the home and garden staff can also help answer your questions.