Do you run a farm that produces a lot of eggs that are fit for sale at a local grocery or farmer's market? If so, you might be looking for additional ways to set your eggs apart from the competition. One unique method you could use to bring additional attention to your eggs would be to start selling all or a portion of them inside vintage egg cartons. Here are some of the benefits your operation stands to gain by contacting a local provider of egg cartons today.

Set Yourself Apart From Every Other Egg Seller at the Local Market

While different farmers may offer different kinds of fruits, vegetables, or meats at the farmer's market to set themselves apart, there are only so many ways to market an egg. You could go the organic route and talk about how you don't use antibiotics on your chickens, but at the end of the day, most styrofoam egg cartons look very much the same, making it hard to stand out from the crowd.

But if you are one of the only farmers using vintage cartons, you may attract additional attention. Vintage egg cartons can have a unique color or "old-time" font that will really pull people in as they move across your available goods.

Cardboard Can Be More Easily Recyclable Than Styrofoam

Another reason to consider using vintage cartons for your eggs is that vintage cartons are typically crafted from cardboard as opposed to the styrofoam you see at your local grocery. While there are elements of styrofoam that might be recyclable, cardboard is generally seen as 100 percent recyclable. If you are looking to make your farm's packaging more environmentally friendly or just lower your environmental footprint in general, a switch to more cardboard packaging could be a step in the right direction.

Vintage Egg Cartons Can Help Improve Your Branding

If you become known as the only local farm that sells eggs in vintage cartons or you go out of your way to come up with a logo or font for the carton that really fits in with that vintage vibe, you could improve your farm's branding within the local community. Use vintage egg cartons as the first step towards adding even more vintage-branded products across all of your wares.

If you would like to start selling more eggs or just want to refresh your packaging, one possibility you might want to consider is to contact a local supplier of vintage egg cartons today.