Regardless of whether you have decided to start a farm or invest in multiple types of equipment for massive acreage, farm equipment is necessary for daily tasks that you will need to perform. Technological advancements in equipment have allowed farms to not just increase their productivity, but also boost their profits thanks to the simplification and efficiency of tasks. So, whether you are a crop or livestock farmer or just have a lot of land to take care of, here are a few pieces of machinery that you may want to consider buying.


The tractor is by far the most important piece of machinery on the farm—and for any type of agricultural-related business. Tractors are available in an assortment of sizes, and when they are combined with the variety of products that can be attached to them, these pieces of machinery are incredibly versatile and useful on the land. From planting to hay season, a tractor a piece of equipment that is a must to running a successful farm.

Tillers and Plows

Tillers and plows ultimately complete the same job, though they do it a bit differently. For instance, commercial plows attach directly to tractors and are great for larger farms. On the other hand, smaller, push-operated tillers are better suited for small- to large-sized gardens of up to an acre. These pieces of machinery are designed to prepare the soil for planting and ensure that there is adequate moisture, air, and space for the growth of crops.


Another important piece of equipment for the farm is the spreader. This particular piece of machinery attaches to the tractor and is used to spread an assortment of materials like seed over the top of the soil. Spreaders are also commonly used for fertilizers as well as soil treatments that can help to boost plant productivity and growth.

Once you are able to determine the type of machinery that you need to successfully run and operate your farm, you need to decide whether you want to buy the equipment new or used. By opting to buy used farm equipment, you will be able to avoid the expensive price tag of brand-new equipment. You are often able to save thousands of dollars and get a piece of equipment that is only a couple of years old yet still in good working condition. To learn more about farm equipment that you may need and buying used, contact a used farm equipment dealer near you.

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