Have you decided you'd like to adopt a rabbit from a local shelter? Not only would you save the rabbit's life, but you'd bring a lot of joy into your home. Rabbits are typically active creatures that love to jump around and have a good time. If you've got a nice yard, you can easily keep the animal entertained and happy. However, there are some supplies you should purchase prior to adopting the rabbit and bringing it home.

Spacious Cage

Make sure you get the proper cage for your rabbit based on its size. If the rabbit is a baby, it may be small now, but that doesn't mean it's not going to get a lot bigger. Some adult rabbits are equal in size with cats and even small dogs, such as the Flemish Giant, English Lop, and the Rhinelander rabbit. If you know the breed of the rabbit you're planning to adopt, do some research on how big that particular breed tends to get over a period of time before you buy a cage.

It's important for your rabbit to have enough space in the cage to move around and rest comfortably. A small cage will quickly get dirty and would cause a lot of discomfort for the rabbit.

Alfalfa Hay

If you're adopting a baby rabbit, alfalfa hay is something you should purchase and put into the cage. Not only is it something the rabbit will use as a way of getting comfortable inside the cage when it's not running around all over the home and in your backyard, but it's also something the rabbit will eat. It's highly recommended for younger rabbits because of the amount of protein and fiber it provides. Although it's great for young rabbits, check with a veterinarian before feeding an adult rabbit alfalfa hay to make sure that it's acceptable.

Fun Toys 

Because rabbits are fairly active animals, you should make sure to invest in a few fun toys that will keep the animal busy. Crinkle tunnels are fun for rabbit because it gives them a place to run inside and hide out when they don't feel like being bothered by humans or other animals living in the home. It's helpful to purchase some chew toys for the animal because it will help it keep control of its growing teeth. If you're not providing enough chew toys, the rabbit may start chewing on wires or other objects around the home.

You can make a fun little toy for your rabbit by taking an old toilet paper roll and putting some small treats inside of it. The animal will enjoy nibbling on the toilet paper roll while trying to get to those tasty treats.

Having a rabbit is something that could be a lot of fun for you. However, it's important for you to prepare ahead by getting everything your new pet will need, such as a spacious cage, alfalfa hay, and lots of fun toys.